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Journalist Audrey Edwards swore she would leave America if Donald Trump was elected president. He was. And she did. Bolting for Paris. In this rich collection of essays, cultural and political commentary, and personal “race stories,” an African American runaway of a certain age and wiseass perspective takes aim at America in its twilight—the Donald Trump years.


Audrey Edwards has achieved professional success in two career fields: media and real estate. A former senior-level editor for the national publications Essence (editor and executive editor), Black Enterprise (executive editor and vice president of editorial operations), Family Circle and More (senior editor), Ms. Edwards’s publishing years were spent mostly in black-owned and women’s-oriented media where for 20 years she assigned, edited, reported, and wrote about issues of race and gender for large, mass-media audiences. Her work has won awards, been used in university courses, and referenced on national television talk shows. 


The Man From Essence

Children Of The Dream

Muhammad Ali 

The People's Champ



The Case for Fleeing Trump’s America

Washington Post

September 6, 2019

Even before President Trump tried to keep people from crossing the border into America — or started ordering critics to leave the country if they don’t love America — I was on a plane, running from America. Flying nonstop aboard Air France Flight 1041 from New York’s JFK to Paris on the evening of Jan. 18, 2017, 48 hours before Donald Trump was to be inaugurated as the country’s 45th president...

Why I Left America When Trump Won

Huffington Post


“I’m telling you, if Donald Trump is elected president, I’m leaving the country,” I told anybody who would listen, and even a few who didn’t want to hear it. But I never thought for a minute I’d have to make good on the promise. The idea was unthinkable, incomprehensible...

We're Out: Black Americans Leaving the Country Before Trump Takes Office

January 18, 2017

As this administration draws to a close, Audrey Edwards is packing as fast as the Obamas. By January 20, Inauguration Day, she’ll be nearly 6,000 miles away from Brooklyn not watching the festivities in Paris...



Excerpt…American Runaway: Refuge from the Dark in the City of Light

There are many African Americans who have made a cozy new life for themselves in other parts of the globe. They’ve fled these shores troubled by the social, political or economic climate of this country...


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