Journalist Audrey Edwards swore she would leave America if Donald Trump was elected president. He was. And she did. Bolting for Paris.


In this rich collection of essays, cultural and political commentary, and personal “race stories,” an African American runaway of a certain age and wiseass perspective takes aim at America in its twilight—the Donald Trump years. And rediscovers as a self-liberated woman the magic that has always been Paris.


“The tone and deftness of the writing in American Runaway is wonderful—knowing and authoritative, yet also funny and vulnerable and accessible.”

—Nick Chiles, Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and three-time New York Times best-selling author

“Audrey Edwards has told the truth in the post-truth Trump Era where we are subject to lying leaders who offer no reason, no rhyme, and no resolve.”

—Dr. Karen Thomas, Founder and CEO Emerita of the Marion P. Thomas Charter School; currently living in Paris

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